In 1874, the original Seng Company was founded in Chicago, IL by our founder’s great, great grandfather, Wendelin Seng, who had immigrated to the United States from Germany in the mid-1800’s. A pioneer in furniture manufacturing, The Seng Company introduced the systematic production of metal parts to supply the growing industry of mass produced furniture and to replace iron hardware forged by blacksmiths. A family enterprise through four generations and spanning over 100 years, the company grew to be the largest manufacturer of metal parts and fixtures for furniture makers. A leader in research and development for the industry, The Seng Company patented more than 300 furniture devices, and the firm was responsible for such inventions as the sofa-sleeper, rocker, swivel and recliner chairs, and the metal bed frame.

The firm’s high level of service and excellence wasn’t restricted to the furniture industry as the company twice converted its production from civilian to munitions and parts for the country’s defense during both World Wars. For its service during World War II, the firm received the coveted Army-Navy “E” Production Award not once but five times. With all 4,283 Award winners representing roughly 5% of the war plants in the country, The Seng Company was one of only 206 to receive a total of 5 star awards.

While well removed from the furniture business, our new incarnation of The Seng Company is focused on providing the same level of ethical service to its stakeholders as achieved by the former, and we look to proudly build on the entrepreneurial legacy of our namesake.